Do you want the inside scoop on the things no one tells you when moving to Maryland?

What is Maryland weather REALLY like? Did you know it gets over 100 degrees in the summer and the humidity makes it “feel like” 120 degrees. I dont think I leave my house from mid July to mid August except to get in my air conditioned car to go to my air conditioned office.

Maryland is commonly referred to as “America in Miniature” and sometimes “Little America” because it’s home to some of the widest variety of terrain from mountains and farmland to beaches and sand dunes, also enjoying all four seasons. When you look around, you’ll see the Maryland Flag everywhere! As one of the most distinctive state flags in the union, the Maryland State flag is the only state flag to be based on English heraldry. The black and gold design on the quartered flag is based on the coat of arms of the Calvert family. Marylanders love their flag which is used for logos for everything from sports to schools and even on a Southwest Airlines 737.

How is Healthcare in Maryland? Does Maryland have a lot of Tics? Is it a problem? Is Maryland crowded?

If you want to know what you are in for when moving to Maryland make sure you watch this video!

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