Do you want the inside scoop on the things no one tells you when moving to Annapolis? If you want to know what you are in for when moving to Annapolis make sure you watch this video! Annapolis is huge so it can be confusing where to live within Annapolis. We get into the different parts and neighborhoods of Annapolis so you can find your way home!

Chapters: 0:00 Intro 0:33 What is Annapolis? 0:55 Schools in Annapolis 1:39 What is Annapolis known for? 2:42 Parks in Annapolis 3:05 Food in Annapolis 3:53 Where to look for a home in Annapolis? 4:17 Chesapeake Preserve 5:14 Harmony Lane 6:00 Martins Cove Farm 6:43 Sturbridge 7:39 Outro

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