Some fun facts about North Potomac are that it is located well, north of Potomac, but it is legally in Gaithersburg. In 1989 when north Potomac was created. It is 20 miles out from Washington DC.

There is much value for your money in north Potomac compared to Potomac, Bethesda, or DC. The median sale price is 852,000, which is still expensive, but if you are looking to work in DC, then north Potomac is very affordable.

Also in my opinion, the culture there is more laid back and relaxed than the places closer in to DC. There is also access to some of the best public high schools in Maryland. There is also access to a lot of shopping and dining nearby North Potomac. There is also newer construction in north Potomac.

Some cons of living here are that although for the area it’s cheaper, it’s still costly. There is also a pretty long commute to DC.

Here are my pros and cons of living in DC, why overall I think it’s a fantastic place to live and why it was ranked the number 1 place to live in Maryland.

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