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They’re own website https://takomaparkmd.gov

Located in Montgomery County, Md., Takoma Park is bounded by Washington DC to the South,  Silver Spring, Md. to the northwest and north; and Langley Park, Md., to the northeast.

Takoma Park, Maryland, was incorporated in 1890 and designed to be a commuter suburb for the Washington D.C., area.

According to world population review.com, The median age in Takoma Park is 38.7 years, 38.1 years for males, and 39.6 years for females.



Like I said, Takoma Park MD borders Washington DC. On the other side of the border is Takoma DC. So if you want to live in Montgomery county MD but want to be as close to DC as possible, Takoma Park is a great choice! 

You have direct access into the city where you can enjoy all DC has to offer including all of the beautiful monuments, outstanding FREE Smithsonian museums, amazing DC Zoo with our pandas and all of the fabulous restaurants in DC.

In fact the motto in Takoma Park is “Big City Perks – Small Town Quirks”

You’re also right next to Silver Spring where we have one of our bigger hospitals, Holy Cross so its an easy commute there as well. 

Takoma Metro Station on the Red Line in Washington, D.C., is within walking distance to many homes in Takoma Park. The ride along the Red line to Metro Center Station in Washington takes about 20 minutes.

Route 29 makes for a straight drive into the nation’s capital, while Interstate 495 lets residents circle around downtown D.C. Be prepared for some extra traffic and commute time on I-495. 

Takoma Park, MD, also offers the Metrorail and Ride-On bus for getting around locally, as well as the MARC commuter trains for getting into D.C. and other Maryland cities.

2- Sense of community

Takoma Park is well-known for its music scene, with Celtic, blues, and progressive folk music festivals being held on a regular basis. 

Street performers are also a frequent presence in the area’s downtown and historic district neighborhoods.

For the less musically inclined, Takoma Park also offers many opportunities for residents to get involved with sustainability efforts, including the curbside food waste collection and water bottle refill stations located throughout the city.

Held in the historic district, the Takoma Park Farmers Market is a Sunday staple for many residents. Held year-round, the market offers fresh produce, artisan breads, eggs, meat, and cheeses, as well as selections from the area’s top vineyards and wineries. https://takomaparkmarket.com

Vendors must be within 125 miles of Takoma Park to participate, so you can be sure you’re supporting the local economy.

You also have the Crossroads Farmers Market on Wednesdays from April to November.

Crossroads Farmers Market is a lively community gathering space for people of all backgrounds and incomes, where families, foodies, neighbors, gardeners, live-music fans, and coffee lovers meet every Wednesday afternoon to eat lunch and stock up on fresh ingredients for the week ahead. 

There is International shopping and dinning along the New Ave

Here you can find different restaurants from African, Caribbean to South Asian/Indian. I’ll put a link below so you can check them out. 

And if that isn’t enough takoma park has  A charming main street filled with cafes, restaurants, bike shops and more!

There is just a real sense of community here. From kids’ yoga and art camp to the famous 4th of July parade and evening street party – you’ll always have something to do celebrate the community 

3- Really pretty

Takoma Park is known as Azalea City because of the botanical work of one of its leading citizens, Benjamin Y. Morrison (1891 to 1966).

 Mr. Morrison was the first director of the United States National Arboretum, and his azalea hybrids can be found throughout town, including in the gardens of the 1884 Thomas-Siegler House, the first house built in Takoma Park.

4- Liberal /progressive 

The City of Takoma Park has been recognized for its leadership and ambitious agenda for combating climate change and promoting sustainability

NY Times : Considered one of the most progressive cities in the United States, Takoma Park, a suburb immediately northeast of Washington, D.C., is not just a nuclear-free zone, a hotbed of former Peace Corps volunteers and a municipality that has extended the local vote to noncitizens and 16- and 17-year-olds; it is also home to an impressive number of healthy, mature trees.

5- Diverse 

According to The NY Times, A third of its nearly 18,000 residents were born outside of the United States, and its municipal 
website can be translated with a click into Amharic, Mandarin, Spanish, German, Russian and French.

The housing stock is almost as diverse as the population — a mix of late 19th-century neo-Gothic farmhouses, 1920s bungalows, midcentury ranch houses and contemporary multifamily apartment complexes.


1- Expensive 

The median home value in Takoma Park, MD is $725,000. This is higher than the county median home value of $508,050. 

The national median home value is $277,796. 

The Takoma Park neighborhood of Carroll Manor is one of the most expensive neighborhoods in the country. Many of the homes in this neighborhood were built between 1940 and 1969 and feature the mid-century and Craftsman style.

Takoma Park cost of living is 148.7 compared to the National average of 100.

The average household income in Takoma Park is $122,726 with a poverty rate of 8.69% according to world population review dot com.

2- Traffic

Being so close to DC, the traffic in Takoma Park is really bad. The good news is you do have a metro stop not too far away in takoma DC. 

3- Older houses 

Takoma Park was incorporated by the State of Maryland in 1890 and by 1913 had become the largest city in Montgomery County.

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