Goldman Sachs Doubles Down! #housingmarketforecast

Goldman Sachs suggests that the decline in US home prices may be coming to an end, stating that “the worst of the decrease in the US housing market has passed.” We’ll take a look at what they are saying and compare it to Ali Wolf’s Insight. And as usual, I’ll share what I’m experiencing here in my local area.

5 Amazing Winter Getaways in Maryland!

Maryland is a great place to live, but it’s even better during the wintertime when all the snow and ice are here. In this video, we’ll show you five of the best winter getaways in Maryland to check out.

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Halloween 2022! In this video, I’m going to show you the top 10 DMV haunts and attractions for Halloween, so that you can have the most terrifying time of your life! You will never know what will happen!


Zillow is still bullish in their housing forecast for the next 12 months. Not everyone agrees! In Today’s video, we’ll take a look at an article from Business insider with a very different opinion that may shock you!

Zillow’s Latest Housing Forecast Will Blow Your Mind

Zillow says NO BUBBLE! Has Zillow gone crazy? Or is Zillow on to something? There is no doubt the Housing Market is going into a recession, So is Zillow changing their Housing Market Prediction? or are they going for a more bolder one? Let’s find out.