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Experience the Best of DC’s Summer Fun

Discover the Best of Summer in D.C.! From paddleboarding along the iconic landmarks to picnicking on the National Mall, this video reveals the top 10 must-do activities for an unforgettable season. Experience the vibrant D.C. Wharf, catch a concert at renowned venues, savor rooftop sunset cocktails, embark on a scenic canal boat tour, indulge in…

Experience the Best of DC’s Summer Fun

Discover the Best of Summer in D.C.! From paddleboarding along the iconic landmarks to picnicking on the National Mall, this video reveals the top 10 must-do activities for an unforgettable season. Experience the vibrant D.C. Wharf, catch a concert at renowned venues, savor rooftop sunset cocktails, embark on a scenic canal boat tour, indulge in…

Maryland VS Florida | 2023 in-depth State Comparison

Whats up everyone According to, Florida is the 6 largest state sending the most people to Maryland. And Maryland is the 4th largest state sending the most people to Florida! So, what’s going on between these 2 states? I live in Maryland and my parents live in Florida for part of the year, so I…

Elon Musk Predicts Housing Market Crash

Will commercial real estate collapse impact residential values? Is Musk’s tweet accurate or a cause for skepticism? Find out with me and share your own experiences in this intense housing market battle.

TOP 10 BEST D.C. NEIGHBORHOODS 2023! just released their Best Place to Live in Washington DC! Get the real-time scoop on median home values and recent sales, along with insider tips on local amenities, proximity to parks, trendy bars, restaurants, and more!

Top 10 BEST States To RETIRE 2023!

Let’s see WalletHub’s top 10 retirement-friendly states. We’ll discuss each state’s affordability, quality of life, and healthcare, revealing the pros and cons of each and then we’ll narrow it down to our top three choices. Enjoy!

Texas VS Maryland |Which State is Better?

Discover the Surprising Differences Between Texas and Maryland! Curious about why so many Texans are flocking to Maryland? Join us as we compare housing, cost of living, weather, schools, politics, and more!

Is It 2006 All Over Again?

The housing market is showing similarities to the mid-2000s, but this time, there are key differences. With no more inventory, the market is still unbalanced, and the inventory problem may be solved with more foreclosures.

2023 Best Suburbs to Live in the Washington, D.C. Area!

Looking for the perfect suburb to live in near Washington D.C.? Look no further! Let’s explore’s list of the best suburbs to live in near D.C., So if you’re moving to the D.C. area and want to find the perfect suburban community, check out this video!

Redfin Layoffs Change Housing Market Forecast

Let’s take a look at the recent layoffs at Redfin and explore the state of the housing market Which could explain the recent layoff. Although There are some positive signs, such as an increase in tour requests from buyers. A lagging supply of homes for sale and low confidence in the banking system are causing…

Top 10 BEST STATES 2023!

Discover the 10 best states to call home in the USA! I’ll take you through each state with details on its population, the average monthly cost of living, and unique features. Be prepared to be entertained with interesting facts about each state along the way!

Big Short Investor Predicts Housing Market Crash

The Housing market may face a 2008-style correction due to flood risks, says “Big Short” investor Dave Burt. I also found a report from Nature Climate Change saying that the US housing market may be overvalued by $200 billion on account of flood risks, Which confirms Dave Burt’s prediction. So if his warnings come to…

2023 UPDATED Pros & Cons of Living in Rockville, MD!

Today I’ll show you the updated pros and cons of living in Rockville, Maryland in 2023. If you’re planning to move here, This is a great video for you! I’ll tell you the Good and the Real stuff about living in Rockville so you’ll no what to expect.


Are we facing another housing market crash like we did in 2008? We dive deep into the recent implosion of big banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York, and Credit Suisse, and First Republic and see how the collapse of these banks will impact the future of the housing market, So…

Trouble Ahead | Housing Market May Not Rebound

Rising mortgage rates and a drop in investor purchases have cooled the housing market. Experts advise caution until inflation and the economy improve. Learn more and get tips for navigating this tricky market in areas with high investor shares.

Goldman Sachs Doubles Down! #housingmarketforecast

Goldman Sachs suggests that the decline in US home prices may be coming to an end, stating that “the worst of the decrease in the US housing market has passed.” We’ll take a look at what they are saying and compare it to Ali Wolf’s Insight. And as usual, I’ll share what I’m experiencing here…

The SMARTEST Bethesda MD Video EVER!

Thinking about moving to Bethesda MD? Who knows more- Chat AI or a local resident? Look no further! In this video, you’ll get all the information you need to find out why Bethesda, MD, is one of the BEST cities in the US. You will learn about the PROS and CONS of this vibrant city.…

MORE PAIN Coming to the Housing Market

The housing market faces more challenges with falling prices and high mortgage rates. Glenn Kelman predicts more pain ahead due to economic uncertainty and job loss. With some areas recovering from hurricane Ian, Investors rush in to seize this investment opportunity

2023 Home Prices Revealed! Housing Market Update

With the new year upon us, I get asked a lot about the future of Home prices for 2023. So Today, we’ll take a look at some predictions from other business insiders so we can get a better insight into what they think Home prices will be.

The REAL VILLAINS of the Housing Market!

Investors are coming back to the market by purchasing Build-to-Rent Homes from Builders. Today we’ll take a look at articles from Bloomberg and Fortune to get some more insight into the situation.

5 Amazing Winter Getaways in Maryland!

Maryland is a great place to live, but it’s even better during the wintertime when all the snow and ice are here. In this video, we’ll show you five of the best winter getaways in Maryland to check out.

Are Home Prices Dropping in Maryland?

The truth about Maryland’s housing market. I’ll be showing you some of the different data points. So, if you want to know what’s going on with the housing market in Maryland, then watch this video and find out.

5 Tips to Buy a House in this Changing Market!

*Disclaimer – the Loan examples used In this video are hypothetical examples. Always check with your lender to see the rates you would get for your particular situation.

In this changing market, here are my top 5 tips on how to buy a house and negotiate the best deal. And one of my tips…

Top 10 BEST Halloween Events in DC 2022!

Halloween 2022! In this video, I’m going to show you the top 10 DMV haunts and attractions for Halloween, so that you can have the most terrifying time of your life! You will never know what will happen!

The Truth Hurts. Housing Market Update

Today we will look at An Article from NPR which shows a -6% decrease in Home Prices and an Article from Redfin which shows a +1% increase. What’s interesting is both these articles are released one day apart. So why do they show different forecasts in Home Prices? Let’s Find out!

Top 5 Reasons People are LEAVING Maryland!

More people left Maryland in 2021 than moved into the state. Why??? In this video, I’ll go through it all and figure out why people are quitting Maryland. I’ll go through the top 5 reasons why people are leaving Maryland and then I’ll show you where they are going.

Trouble Ahead: Housing Downturn

How bad will the Housing Market get? Let’s find out as we head into the 2nd phase of the housing market downturn. We’ll take a look the 3 elements that is being described in this fortune article which also has perspective of other business insiders about the housing market downturn.

5 AWESOME Ways to Discover Montgomery County, MD!

Here are 5 Tips to help you decide where to live in Montgomery County, MD. If you’re moving to Montgomery County, Maryland or thinking about living in Montgomery County, you’ll learn all of the things you must know to find the best place for your needs.

TOP 7 AWESOME Things To Do in Montgomery County MD!

Here are some of my favorite super fun Things To Do in Montgomery County MD. If you’re moving to Montgomery County, Maryland, or thinking about living in Montgomery County, check out these top 10 best things to do, places to go, and things to see. I will show you where to go for a nice…

What does 1 Million Dollars Buy You in Potomac & Bethesda?

If you had a million dollars to spend on a house in Montgomery County Maryland where would you live? Potomac? Bethesda? North Potomac or North Bethesda? So many choices? In this video, I’m going to show you what 1 Million dollars will buy you. We’ll take a look at neighborhoods, schools, and amenities to find…


The majority of Americans are Expecting a Housing Market Crash this year and a large percentage of them actually WANT a Housing Market CRASH to happen. But are we really looking at a housing market crash or is it a housing market correction?


Zillow is still bullish in their housing forecast for the next 12 months. Not everyone agrees! In Today’s video, we’ll take a look at an article from Business insider with a very different opinion that may shock you!

Potomac MD Homes UNDER $875,000!

In this video, I show you some examples of homes for sale in Potomac for under $875,000. I discuss the different aspects I like at this price range and what other homes cost in the same neighborhood.

Top 5 Reasons I LOVE Kensington MD!

When it comes to living here in Maryland and Washington DC, people tend to look towards Potomac, Bethesda, or Rockville. But one of the places that often gets overlooked is Kensington, Maryland. In this video, I will share with you my Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Kensington MD.

Top 10 Best Suburbs of Washington DC 2022!

In, they put out a list of the Best Places to Live for 2022. We will go over the list of Top 10 Suburbs of Washington DC, as well as share some of my input about these places. All the best things to know about all these places right here. So stay tuned!

Pros and Cons of Living in Takoma Park MD

Takoma Park is in Montgomery county Md and borders Washington DC. Its a very unique place to live! Having all the benefits of living next to the city but has a small town quirky feel to it. Here are some Pros and Cons of Living in Takoma Park MD.

The Great RESET!

NEW HOUSING MARKET UPDATE! Let’s look at articles from the New York Times, Fortune, and Data from Redfin to see what the business insiders think about the state of the housing market TODAY!

Voted #1 Best Place to Live-North Potomac MD! voted Noth Potomac MD as the number #1 BEST place to live in the STATE of Maryland ! Here are my top PROS & CONS of Living In North Potomac. If you’re thinking of moving to North Potomac, this Is a great video for you! We go through what I love about it and…

Pros & Cons of Living in Washington DC

Here are my top PROS & CONS of Living in Washington DC. If you’re thinking of moving to DC, this Is a great video for you! We go through what I love about it and what you should be aware of…enjoy!

The End Is Near! UPDATED Housing Market Forecast.

NEW HOUSING MARKET UPDATE! Home Price Growth is predicted to slow to Zero by this time next year! We will be looking Mark Zandi’s housing market forecast, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics. Is it becoming a buyers market this year? And what do other economists have to say about the home price growth for…

Pros and Cons of Living in Olney MD

Here are my top PROS & CONS of Living in Olney, MD. If you’re thinking of moving to Maryland, Olney has great home value as well as other amazing things about it! But…there are some cons…enjoy!

Top 10 Best Places to Live in Maryland 2022! released their 2022 list of the BEST places to Live in Maryland! We go through the TOP 10! Which is your favorite? These are my top 10 places to live in Maryland, view the video for descriptions.

TOP Strategies to WIN in this Sellers Market 2022!

After 18 years of working as a Realtor, here are my TOP STRATEGIES on how to WIN in This Seller’s Market in 2022! If you’re looking to buy in Maryland or DC, please contact me! I’d love to help you! Here are my top strategies, view video for descriptions.

Kensington MD VS Bethesda MD!

Kensington MD VS Bethesda MD! Do you want to move to Maryland but you’re not quite sure which city is best for you? Bethesda or Kensington? They are located next to each other but are quite different.

Moving to Annapolis | Everything you NEED to know!

Do you want the inside scoop on the things no one tells you when moving to Annapolis? If you want to know what you are in for when moving to Annapolis make sure you watch this video! Annapolis is huge so it can be confusing where to live within Annapolis. We get into the different…

Moving to Bethesda Maryland 2022

I’ve done a bunch of videos on Bethesda -pros & cons, 7 things I love and avoid Bethesda – why you may not want to move here. But this video is different. Bethesda is huge and if you don’t know it, it can be very confusing. So, In this video, I’m going to tell you…