What they DON’T tell you about Living in Maryland

According to US News and World Report, Maryland is the wealthiest state in the country. The typical household in the state earns $84,805 a year, about $22,000 more than the national median household income. Not all parts of the state are equally affluent, however. In Allegany County, located in western Maryland between the Pennsylvania and West Virginia state borders, the median annual household income is just $45,893, about $17,000 less than the income the typical American household earns.

1- Counties are very divided The 23 counties are all functioning governmental units. Baltimore city is an independent city that functions governmentally at the place level but is also considered a county equivalent.

Out of the 24 counties in Maryland, Montgomery County is the largest by population. Frederick County is the largest by land area.

2- Here in Maryland, we have a lot of traffic & congestion & cameras!

3- We all don’t border DC

4- Not everyone says hon

5- We have ocean, mountains, bays & city life 

6- Beware of the snakes & deer (tics)

7- Our politics are all over the place https://bestneighborhood.org/conservative-vs-liberal-map-maryland/

Check out the Maryland political map by county in the video!

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