Opendoor CRASHES AGAIN | Latest Housing Market Update

Once a Fortune 500 company, Opendoor faced its demise after overestimating the housing market and underestimating Zillow’s exit from iBuying. Opendoor’s rise and fall can serve as a lesson for all of us in the real estate business.

Big Short Investor Predicts Housing Market Crash

The Housing market may face a 2008-style correction due to flood risks, says “Big Short” investor Dave Burt. I also found a report from Nature Climate Change saying that the US housing market may be overvalued by $200 billion on account of flood risks, Which confirms Dave Burt’s prediction. So if his warnings come to fruition, our housing market is in serious trouble…

2023 UPDATED Pros & Cons of Living in Rockville, MD!

Today I’ll show you the updated pros and cons of living in Rockville, Maryland in 2023. If you’re planning to move here, This is a great video for you! I’ll tell you the Good and the Real stuff about living in Rockville so you’ll no what to expect.

Goldman Sachs- Housing Market has Further to Slide

Goldman Sachs predicts a slide in home prices while Zillow and Redfin have a very different outlook. Let’s break down their forecasts and discuss the challenges we are facing in today’s housing market.


Are we facing another housing market crash like we did in 2008? We dive deep into the recent implosion of big banks like Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank of New York, and Credit Suisse, and First Republic and see how the collapse of these banks will impact the future of the housing market, So grab a coffee, and let’s dive right in!

Goldman Sachs Doubles Down! #housingmarketforecast

Goldman Sachs suggests that the decline in US home prices may be coming to an end, stating that “the worst of the decrease in the US housing market has passed.” We’ll take a look at what they are saying and compare it to Ali Wolf’s Insight. And as usual, I’ll share what I’m experiencing here in my local area.