Are Home Prices Dropping in Maryland?

The truth about Maryland’s housing market. I’ll be showing you some of the different data points. So, if you want to know what’s going on with the housing market in Maryland, then watch this video and find out.


Redfin predicts its largest annual decline pending home sales by -35% during the four weeks ending October 23. Today we’ll take a look at redfin’s data to see the condition of the housing market.

5 Tips to Buy a House in this Changing Market!

*Disclaimer – the Loan examples used In this video are hypothetical examples. Always check with your lender to see the rates you would get for your particular situation.

In this changing market, here are my top 5 tips on how to buy a house and negotiate the best deal. And one of my tips can possibly save you some money!

Top 10 BEST Halloween Events in DC 2022!

Halloween 2022! In this video, I’m going to show you the top 10 DMV haunts and attractions for Halloween, so that you can have the most terrifying time of your life! You will never know what will happen!

The Truth Hurts. Housing Market Update

Today we will look at An Article from NPR which shows a -6% decrease in Home Prices and an Article from Redfin which shows a +1% increase. What’s interesting is both these articles are released one day apart. So why do they show different forecasts in Home Prices? Let’s Find out!

Top 5 Reasons People are LEAVING Maryland!

More people left Maryland in 2021 than moved into the state. Why??? In this video, I’ll go through it all and figure out why people are quitting Maryland. I’ll go through the top 5 reasons why people are leaving Maryland and then I’ll show you where they are going.