1. My first tip is where you’re going to work and the commute. I know this is kind of an obvious one, but I would really look into where you’re going to work and try to find a place with a short commute that also meets your other needs. For example, if you’re looking to work in Bethesda or dc, and you want a short commute, I would look in Bethesda or chevy chase.
  2. Choose by the different school districts. There’s a fantastic website that rates the school in this area that is https://www.niche.com check out the reviews and the area. The best recourse to see the school district and the house you are in is the mcps school locator.
  3. Get a short-term rental to see the homes in person and walk through the house yourself.
  4. Know your budget and talk to one of our local lenders who can approve you with local property taxes and insurance rates, and everything else.
  5. Make sure you work with a professional who lives here and really knows the areas.

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