Washington DC is an amazing city and there are so many really cool neighborhoods to choose from. So, today we’re going to go through’s 2023 Best Places to Live in DC! And in case you think this list is similar to last year, you would be wrong! I’ll also tell you’s median home value for each neighborhood and then look them up myself because a lot of times, the real time data is different.

So, lets dive right in. bases their criteria on  a comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area. They take into account several key factors of a location, including the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities in an attempt to measure the overall quality of an area.

They get their data from the Department of education, US Census and FBI. They also gather over 100 million reviews and survey responses from students, parents, and residents to help better understand what a school or neighborhood is really like.

So, let’s take at the top 10 and I’ll chime in as well!

#10 Foxhall Crescent

Foxhall Crescent is a small neighborhood filled with elegant luxury homes on 25 acres that was formerly the Nelson Rockefeller estate.  The median home value according to is $1,434,396 but I can tell you the most recent sales are between 2 and 3 million. It’s a really beautiful part of DC with some cool bars and restaurants nearby. You are also very close to the Potomac river, Wesley Heights trails  and Glover Park.

Median Household income: $211,414

#9 Dupont Circle

Dupont Circle is a vibrant and historic neighborhood in DC with a more urban feel as you’re right in the heart of the city with so many shops, bars, restaurants nearby. You also have a metro stop at Dupont which makes it super convenient. The neighborhood is renowned for its cultural scene with art galleries, embassies, art walks and festivals. The median home value according to is $618,728 but I can tell you that homes can go for up to $4 million with an average price range of $1.1m-$3.5m for the townhomes. 

Median Household income: $143,227

#8 Woodley Park

Woodley Park is a really nice neighborhood in DC known for its historic homes and elegant buildings. One of the highlights of Woodley Park is its close proximity to the magnificent Rock Creek Park. This place is like an urban oasis, offering endless opportunities for outdoor fun. You can go hiking, have a picnic, or simply take a leisurely walk and soak up the beauty of the park. Andthe star attraction of Woodley Park is the one and only Smithsonian National Zoo where you can see the giant pandas and awesome exhibits.  You also have a metro stop at Woodley park which makes it super convenient to travel around the city. The median home value according to niche is $1,336,381 but recent sales show a price range of 1.6-3.1.

Median Household income: $156,992

#7 Glover Park

 Glover Park is a popular neighborhood in Washington, D.C. just north of Georgetown, west of Wisconsin Avenue, and cradled by the serene forested parklands of Glover-Archbold Park and Whitehaven Park. Glover Park is loved for its walkability, proximity to parkland, quaint row houses, its commercial strip and restaurant row and its convenience to downtown. It’s hard not to like cute, peaceful, preppy Glover Park. After all, other than a few thousand parking spaces and a metro stop, the neighborhood isn’t lacking much. It feels like a real community, despite being in the middle of the city.  The median home value according to niche is $717,586.  Recent sales for townhomes have a price range of 1.06-1.6

Median Household Income: $122,412

#6 Adams Morgan

Adams Morgan is a lively and diverse neighborhood located in the heart of Washington, D.C. known for its vibrant energy and multicultural atmosphere. As you walk through the streets, you’ll find a rich tapestry of international influences, with a wide array of restaurants, cafes, and shops representing cuisines and traditions from all around the world.  It’s also a lot of fun to go out at night in Adams Morgan. Adams Morgan’s tree-lined streets and historic rowhouses add to its charm and its central location allows for easy access to other popular neighborhoods like Dupont and Woodley. In fact, the closest metro stop would probably be Woodley park. The median home value according to niche is $707,789. This actually sounds about right!

Median Household Income: $155,332

#5 Burleith/Hillandale

Burleith is a quiet, almost purely residential, community of about 535 households nestled alongside Glover Archbold Park. Burleith is centrally located, within easy walking distance of Wisconsin Avenue shops and restaurants, served by frequent buses to downtown, and with quick access to the major local highways. Burleith draws people with its proximity to Georgetown and Wisconsin Avenue but keeps them with its sense of community and access to green spaces. It is a “village in the city,” according to residents, with its 535 houses, a mix of Colonials, Tudors, rowhouses and townhouses.

To the west of Burleith is a 24-hour gated community called Hillandale; some consider this a separate neighborhood but it is technically part of Burleith. The only con about Burleith is there is no metro stop close by. Median home value according to niche is $1,022,467. The recent sales show a price range of 1.1-2.8

Median Household Income: $214,271

#4 Hawthorne

Hawthorne is a more suburban part of DC with its ubiquitous oak trees and large, manicured lawns. Residents of Hawthorne enjoy a close-knit community where neighbors often interact and participate in local events. The neighborhood offers a range of amenities, including local eateries, cafes, and shops, providing convenient options for dining and shopping right in the neighborhood. You’re also right next to Rock Creek Park and Meridian Hill Park. So if you’re looking for a more suburban feel with a real sense of community, Hawthorne would be a great choice. Median home value according to niche is $1,086,705. Recent sales show a range of 1.6-1.8. 

Median Household Income: $250,001

#3 Lanier Heights

Lanier Heights is a small residential area which is really considered part of Adams Morgan so I’m not sure why niche is making it a separate neighborhood but here we go. You get all of the benefits of Adams Morgan with its extensive restaurants, coffee shops and international influences. As far as Lanier Heights itself,  apart from a commercial stretch along Columbia Rd, Lanier Heights is largely residential and dominated by row houses built between 1900-1940. Closest metro stations would be Woodley park and Columbia heights. Median home value according to niche is $550,027. Recent sales show up to $1,495,000.

Median Household Income: $135,605

#2 Woodland-Normanstone

Woodland-Normanstone is a small residential neighborhood with a tranquil and luxurious atmosphere that is known for its grand homes, elegant architecture, and lush greenery. It exudes an air of sophistication and privacy, attracting residents who value a refined and upscale lifestyle. Georgetown, Kalorama and Massachusetts Heights, which Woodland Normanstone is part of, are better-known affluent neighborhoods in the city. But this enclave boasts bigger lots and bigger houses than the others. It took an act of Congress to create Woodland Normanstone. In 1910, Congress exempted the neighborhood from the city’s grid street pattern, allowing for curved roads that would preserve its natural beauty and encourage widely spaced residential development. National parkland runs through the neighborhood, as does a tributary of Rock Creek. The median home value according to niche is $1,594,900. The last 2 sold were 3 mill and 3.1 mill.

Median Household income: $151,011

#1 Mount Pleasant

One of DC’s early streetcar suburbs, Mount Pleasant was carved out of former farmland at the turn of the 20th century. Located about a ten-minute walk away from the Columbia Heights Metro, it’s now full of charming vintage storefronts (many of which hold funky bars and restaurants) and blocks of iconic townhomes. One of the liveliest farmers’ markets in the city takes place on the paved, main plaza in “Mt. P” every Saturday morning from May through December. Expect baked goods, cheese, produce and snacks like sandwiches or pork buns. Live music ups the appeal. You’re also close to Rock Creek Park and Meridian Park. Median home value according to niche: $725,874. Recent sales of Townhomes show a range from 799-3.1 mil.

Median household income: $129,330

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