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I’m sure by now you’ve heard of chat open ai- the ai source that knows everything. 

Well, today I thought we would test it out to see if it would give you the best information about Bethesda MD if you were thinking of moving here

So I put in the question to openai chat – what are the top 5 pros and cons for living in Bethesda Maryland. And voila- here is the answer. 

Then I looked at the videos I’ve done on Bethesda- Pros/Cons, 7 things I Love and Avoid Bethesda (basically the cons) to compare.

So lets compare the 2 and see who’s info is more relevant if you were thinking of moving here and wanted the best info out there.

And my feelings won’t be hurt if you choose AI- in fact it would make my research a lot faster and then I could talk about just about anywhere without ever having experienced it.


AI’s first pro-

  1. Located in the suburbs of Washington, D.C., Bethesda offers easy access to all the cultural and employment opportunities of the city.

Yes, this is true! But is it enough info for you regarding location?  In my Bethesda video, I mentioned its proximity to DC. I go a bit further and tell you how you can get into the city (metro) and then give you some examples of things to do- the Zoo, Smithsonian museums, the Washington Mall, Monuments, and even gave you an example of a “day in DC” including Georgetown brunch and other stuff.

So, we can call this a tie- but I think I provided more appropriate info.

  1. Bethesda has a vibrant and diverse community, with a variety of restaurants, shopping, and entertainment options.

I also spoke about the restaurants and shopping in my videos, and get very specific about Downtown Bethesda, Bethesda Row, Bethesda Magazine’s restaurant week, Savor Bethesda, Taste of Bethesda festival, and other Bethesda specialties. 

So, I’m giving myself the vote on this one- AI is too general and I bet you could say that about any major city.

  1. The Montgomery County Public School system, which serves Bethesda, is highly rated and offers a range of educational options.

Yep, true. In my video, I mention both the public and private schools and actually name them and give their present rankings.

I also give you several websites to look up the schools so you can see the different reviews and descriptions. I think if I were moving to Bethesda, I would want some more specific info about the schools. 

Ultimately, if you are thinking of moving here, its probably best to go visit the schools directly or speak with parents, students, and teachers to get a more personal perspective on the schools in Bethesda.

So, we can tie here…??

  1. Bethesda has a variety of housing options, including single-family homes, apartments, and townhouses, to suit a range of budgets and preferences.

I think this is misleading. Although Bethesda has a lot of housing options, they are all expensive. Its just a matter of how expensive and what your budget is. But the range is from expensive to more expensive.

Vote for me

  1. The area has a number of parks and green spaces, as well as access to recreational activities like golfing and hiking.

Once again, too general. 

In my videos, I mention the different parks and actually show you pics of them. In addition, I tell you about the capital bike share to get around Bethesda 

Now, in fairness, if I followed up with a question about the names of parks and green spaces, AI did give me a list which wasn’t bad..except… there isn’t a Bethesda park in bethesda md and Woodmont triangle is some outdoor tables. I wouldn’t call it a park or a green space. The other 3 are worth mentioning and there are several private country clubs in bethesda, Bethesda, Congressional, Kenwood for example but they are private and membership is a process.

So, another vote for me!

Let’s quickly look at the cons.

  1. The cost of living in Bethesda is high, with housing costs in particular being significantly above the national average.

Yes, true and always needs mentioning. I just go into more detail.

  1. Traffic can be a issue in Bethesda, as the area is located near major roads and highways. 

Also true.

  1. Bethesda can be quite crowded, with a population density that is higher than the national average.

Yup!  I mention this in my Avoid Bethesda video

  1. The weather in Bethesda can be hot and humid in the summer, with occasional thunderstorms.

If you watch my videos, you know I talk about the very very hot and humid summers so they were right to put this on the list 

  1. Some people may find Bethesda to be too suburban and may prefer a more urban environment.

Hmmm.. I actually think parts of Bethesda seem more urban than suburban. It just depends where. Bethesda isn’t a big city. We have DC for that. But compared to Potomac or North Potomac, Bethesda feels more urban to me.

So as far as the cons go, I think AI may have watched my Avoid Bethesda video because it has 4 out of the 5 there, plus a few more.

So, what do you think? If you were thinking of moving to Bethesda MD and just used AI, would it be sufficient? Please comment below and let me know. 

I’m still going to make videos, AI can’t show you neighborhoods while driving around and AI cant give you the experience of living somewhere…or can it?

Maybe next week, I’ll see what AI says about Rockville or another place- see if it can differentiate the different neighborhoods or cities. 

Who knows, my research may take 3 minutes from now on instead of days…

One thing to keep in mind is that chat openai is based on a dataset of text that was compiled in 2021, so that is the furthest back that their information goes.

When I asked about 2022, it said “I do not have access to information about events or developments that have occurred after my knowledge cutoff in 2021.”

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