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Forbes just came out with their list of the top 10 states people are LEAVING and I have to admit, some of them are kinda surprising. They base their data on the United Van Lines movers study which says that the most common reason people are moving is work related. Up second came moving closer to family and then retirement and lifestyle. 
It’s true that in the last few years more people can work from home so maybe they’re leaving to find a more affordable place to live. 
So where are people fleeing from? Regardless of why, they’re taking off to move somewhere else. So, let’s take a look at the list.
Lets dive right in
10. WisconsinTen thousand more families left Wisconsin last year than moved in. Much of the decline is blamed on the fallout from the pandemic.  I guess people were sick of the harsh weather and the state does have high tax rates. Then again, I just did a video a few weeks ago on US News and World report’s list for the Best Places to Live in the U.S. in 2023-2024 and Greenbay Wisconsin came in at #1. So…maybe it’s not so great after all. Btw, check out that video next. It’s really interesting and gave us some ideas on where we may want to live.
9. Michigan Divided almost exactly into thirds, families leaving Michigan cited retirement, family and employment opportunities as their reason for leaving the state. Michigan experienced a net loss of nearly 11 thousand households last year.  I went to college in Ann Arbor which is a really cute place to live, but once again- it’s really frikking cold! So, I’m not surprised people are leaving. Sorry not sorry Michigan!
8. IndianaIndiana’s overall population loss of nearly 12 thousand families last year is a result of lower than average pay. Despite the state’s low cost of living, Indiana’s neighboring states pay better. All I have to say about Indiana is my daughter goes to school there and they are getting a LOT of money for tuition! So, people may be leaving Indiana, but I seem to be going there all of the time. Go Hoosiers!
7. ColoradoSo this is interesting. Forbes writes that Once considered a swing state, Colorado’s politics have shifted towards the left in recent years. So now Conservatives are leaving the state for Texas and Arizona. Overall, 12,145 families left Colorado last year, and politics was just one small factor. They say The high cost of living and out-of-reach real estate prices continue to drive would-be homebuyers out of the area, while traffic congestion, increasing crime rates and pollution seal the deal for many deciding to leave.  Once again, Colorado makes a lot of the lists I use for my Best states videos. I personally would love to live in Colorado but I dont do well with the altitude.
6. WashingtonThe Evergreen State experienced a loss of over 13 thousand families last year. They write that Former Washington residents are finding refuge from the state’s skyrocketing cost of living in places like Oregon and Idaho. Oregon’s cost of living is 7% cheaper, while Idaho boasts the lowest cost of living among the western states. It’s also really rainy and cold there most of the year so there’s that.
5. MassachusettsSeveral publications list retirement and work motives as the reasons behind Massachusetts’ population decline. The state realized a net loss of 15,489 households last year. I like Massachusetts and have spent a reasonable amount of time in the Berkshires but it is really expensive to live there.
4. Pennsylvania Pennsylvania’s decline of 18 thousand-plus households recently directly results from job losses resulting from the pandemic. They write that Many families are seeking better employment odds in nearby states, while a considerable number of them are taking the opportunity to head for warmer weather and a lower cost of living. I’ve heard a lot of people are moving from Pennsylvania to Maryland but I havent met any of them yet.
3. IllinoisIllinoisPolicy.org cited opportunities for employment and better housing as the leading cause of the population decline in the state. Nearly half of would-be movers also said that the tax rate is a major factor in their reasons for leaving. About 29 thousand outbound moves weren’t reciprocated in 2021. They write that Weather, high traffic levels and crime only make the declining population problem worse for the state. 
2. New YorkAwe, poor New York. They’ve had a rough go of it ever since the pandemic. I don’t know about you guys but I still haven’t recovered from 2020 and I think people are leaving New York because they don’t want to get stuck there in case it happens again. It’s also super expensive to live there. New York saw a net loss of over 75 thousand families last year. 
1. California2022 saw a net loss of over 101 thousand households in California despite a mostly pleasant climate and robust tech industry. When I lived in California they used to say we had 4 seasons- fires, earthquakes, riots and mudslides. I’m not saying thats why people are leaving…or am I :-). Forbes writes that Rising housing costs, rising taxes and politics seem to be driving many people to look for opportunities elsewhere. And that Many families from the state are relocating to Texas. 

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