It’s the summer here in Maryland! Despite all the great things the summer can bring to this wonderful state, there are some things that make you want to bail the state for the season. Here are my Top 5 Reasons Why I Dislike The Summer In Maryland.

The weather in Maryland in the summer is brutal, it’s 100 degrees here as of now and it feels like 104. It’s really really bad here.

My second reason is about mosquitos, there are a lot of mosquitos here and i get constantly bit here.

My third reason is alergies, allergies here are terrible with all the pollen in the spring and all through the summer.

My next reason is that we have an overpopulation of deer and they are everywhere, on the road, in the forest, in the park, and everywhere.

My last reason is that there are snakes here, there are 27 different types of snakes in Maryland, and when I go on my walks I usually see garden snakes and even copperheads.

These are my top 5 reasons why summer in Maryland is brutal.

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