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Last week I did a video on the top 10 best suburbs of Washington DC.  This is a list that niche.com puts out every year. Potomac was number #6 on the list. 

Well, one of my viewers commented that there were no houses under 1 million dollars in Potomac which I disagreed. He then went on to challenge me to find a house that’s a good size with a garden under a million dollars. 

So, K P, this video is for you!

I’m going to do a basic search. 

Let’s put in Potomac, MD. For price, under 900k (take that K P!) and since its summer – August and December are the slowest months of the year for real estate sales here- we’ll look at actives, pendings and sold in the last 90 days to see what comes up.

And look- 38 listings! 

But- in order for me to win this challenge, I need to find a house with a good size and Nice garden 

So lets look at Longhill. It’s active right now, listed at $860,000 and has 4 bedrooms, 3 full and 1 1/2 bathrooms and looks really nice. 

Total sq footage is 3001 

Nice Kitchen and bathroom and a big lovely backyard! 

And  just for kicks, lets up it to 1mill.  Now we have 66 houses in Potomac under 1 million dollars. 

But this isnt the end of the video because I feel like my viewer won’t be satisfied since a lot of these homes listed are in east potomac which if you look closer is also in the city of Rockville. 

Now- there’s nothing wrong with this – I live in potomac and the city of Rockville and I love it. I’m closer to the metro and it’s really easy for me to get into Bethesda and DC as well as Gaithersburg 

It is worth pointing out that homes located in east potomac will go to either wootton high school or Richard Montgomery as of today august 2022

Once again, nothing wrong w that. These schools are very highly rated. 

But when people talk about moving to potomac, they generally are looking for homes more in the heart of potomac. Most of these homes go to Winston Churchill high school as of today. Always check w mcps before buying. 

So let’s see if there are any homes for sale here. 

So I can tell by lookin at the sub divisions because I know the area that these homes in regency estates are in the heart of potomac, not the city of rockville. You can see there are a handful of them at different sizes and prices. Lets see if we can find a nice one for K P.

I quickly found some really nice homes. Take a look at this house on Charen that sold for 885k a few months ago. 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 baths. 3383total sq ft that does include the basement  and nice kitchen and nice backyard. And no Rockville tax.

Heres another one on Enid that sold for 922,500 in July. 4 bed 2/12 baths 3481 total sq ft including the basement. Nice front, interior and backyard.

Both of these homes are in the Churchill school district as of today august 2022.

The viewer said he couldn’t find any homes for less than 1.4 unless it was a fixer upper. They searched on trulia. So let be a lesson that’s not the most accurate info out there. 

I do want to point out that if I do the same search in Potomac without a price point, the majority of the homes sell above 1 mill

Out of the 299 homes that came up, 233 are above 1 mill so our viewer isn’t completely crazy for saying what he said. It just takes a realtor that knows the area to find homes in different price points. 

Just for fun, lets take a look at the highest priced house in potomac right now which is on signal tree. Listed for 11, 500,000.

This house has 6 bed, 10 full and 4 half baths and a total of 30,445 / Assessor including the basement. 

Check out these pics of the grounds, kitchen and Indoor pool. They even have a chapel. This house doesn’t look like it should be in potomac, but it is! Any buyers out there??!

Full disclosure, I did grow up in Potomac and went to Churchill high school, so besides being a realtor here, I know it from living here.

Potomac is a beautiful place to live and if you are thinking of moving here, we would love to help you.

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