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Washington DC is an amazing city but not everyone who moves here for work wants to live in the city. So, today we’re going to go through’s 2023 Best SUBURBS of DC! 

A lot of my clients that are moving here are open to Maryland or Virginia if they don’t want DC so this is a great list because bases their criteria on  a comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area. They take into account several key factors of a location, including the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities in an attempt to measure the overall quality of an area.

They get their data from the Department of education, US Census and FBI. They also gather over 100 million reviews and survey responses from students, parents, and residents to help better understand what a school or neighborhood is really like.

So, let’s take at the top 10 out of 232 and I’ll chime in as well!

#10 Franklin Farm, VA

Franklin Farm is located in Fairfax County, Virginia with a population of 19,000. There are 1777 homes built in the mid 80’s over 850 acres with 13 miles of trails, 6 fishing ponds, 6 tennis courts, 2 swimming pools, 14 tot lots, 3 multipurpose courts, 1 sand volleyball court and 180 acres of open space. Sounds like a country club! As far as your commute, Dulles airport is less than 5 miles away so if you fly a lot this is very convenient. To commute into DC it would take around 45 minutes to drive – its around 27 miles.Home prices range from $550,000-1.1 million for the larger homes.There is an HOA that runs from $77-$118 a month depending on where you live.According to, the median household income is $193,486.

#9 Loudoun Valley Estates, VA

Loudoun Valley estates is located in Loudoun County, Virginia with a population of 10,460.Loudoun Valley estates is a Toll Brothers community built in the early 2000’s. It has 2 pools, tennis courts, a fitness center, a pond, and tot lots. There are over 1100 homes including more than 400 townhomes. Loudoun Valley estates is also home to Lyndora Park, a 17 acre open space with woods, trails, a creek, ball fields, picnic areas and a playground. Your commute to DC will take around  an hour to drive. It’s approx 33 miles away. You also are 1.5 miles from the new Silver line Ashburn metro station and 10 minutes to Dulles airport or 7 miles.Home prices range from $900k-1.8 mill for the single family homes and $600,000-$830,000 for the townhomes. There is an HOA that runs from $115-$351 a quarter depending on where you live.According to, the median household income is $210,328.

#8 Arlington, VA

Arlington is located in Arlington County, Virginia with a population of 235,764.Arlington is an urban community of around 26 square miles located right across the Potomac River from Washington DC. In Arlington, you have many walkable neighborhoods and are home to 1100 acres of parks and open space connected by more than 75 miles of multi use trails. Arlington’s arts scene has been called “a hotbed of cultural abandon” by The Washington Post, and described as “…one of the hippest local jurisdictions at attracting adventurous arts and artists.”  Farmer’s Markets in Arlington are more than just places to buy produce. You can also find live music, food trucks, artisan pastries, ethnic foods, gourmet cheeses, juices and more. Your commute into D.C. is a quick one. You can take the metro into the city which will take around 25 minutes or you can drive which will take around 20 minutes depending on traffic. It’s around 6 miles.Home prices in Arlington range from $310,000-2 mill dollars.Arlington is huge, so depending on where you live in Arlington will decide if there is an HOA or not.According to, the median household income is $128,145

#7 Cascades, VA

Cascades is located in Loudoun County, Virginia with a population of 12,509.Cascades is a planned community of 2,500 acres with approximately 6,500 homes.  The homeowners association maintains five community centers, five swimming pools, 15 tennis courts, and other amenities including extensive paved walking trails. People love living in Cascades for the highly rated schools, and true community living.Your commute into D.C. is about 50 minutes by car. It’s around 30 miles away. Home prices in Cascades range from $400,000- $875,000There is an HOA which runs from $75-$100 a month.According to, the median household income is $149,349

#6 Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is located in Montgomery County Md with a population of 66,294.Bethesda is known for being one of the best suburbs of D.C. It has its own super cute downtown with streets lined with shops and restaurants as well as its own movie theater. You also have 3 metro stops in Bethesda which take you right into DC. The houses in Bethesda are definitely a mix of the old and the new and the lots tend to be on the smaller side since it is one of the older neighborhoods. The public and private schools in Bethesda are very highly ranked with Walt Whitman high school landing in the top public high schools in Maryland time and time again. The famous NIH is located in Bethesda as well as Walter Reed Medical Center. I’ve done several videos on Bethesda, so please check them out!Your commute into DC can be as short as 15 minutes by car depending on where you are going. Bethesda borders DC so sometimes you can simply walk across the street. You can also take the metro straight into the city without changing trains!Bethesda is huge and covers a large area but in general, home prices in Bethesda range from $700,000- $10 million.Some neighborhoods have an HOA while many others dont. According to, the median household income is $178,370

#5 Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase is located in Montgomery County Maryland with a population of 9889.

Chevy Chase is one of the more expensive suburbs of D.C. where you will find a mix of older stately homes with an influx of new construction. Living in Chevy Chase offers residents an urban suburban mix and depending on where you are in Chevy chase, you may be able to walk to restaurants and the metro. If you choose a more suburban part of Chevy Chase, expect rolling hills and plenty of foliage. Chevy Chase offers a charming and sophisticated lifestyle for those who value convenience, luxury, and community. Chevy Chase also borders D.C. so it’s a really easy commute into the city. There is no metro in Chevy Chase MD, but there is in Chevy Chase, D.C. which is right across the street so easy access if you live in one of the adjacent neighborhoods.Home prices in Chevy Chase MD range from $700,000- 7 mill. There are several condo buildings as well as single family homes. Most of the single family neighborhoods do NOT have an HOA unless they are newly developed.According to, the median household income is $207,971.

#4 Stone Ridge, Virginia

Stone Ridge is located in Loudoun County VA with a population of 15,776.Stone Ridge consists of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. As the community continues to grow to 3,462 homes, Stone Ridge strives to maintain a small-town feel! Residents enjoy a plethora of amenities, including a newly renovated clubhouse offering a fitness center and rental space, an amphitheater with an event lawn, three pools, five tot lots, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a multi-purpose court, and walking trails.  One con about Stone Ridge is that there isn’t much to do at night, however in nearby communities there are plenty of nightlife activities. The commute is 37 miles from D.C. and will take you around 50 minutes to get there.Home prices in Stone Ridge range from $750,000-1.3 millHOA in Stone Ridge is approx $100/monthAccording to, the median household income is $173,102

#3 South Kensington, MD

South Kensington is located in Montgomery County MD with a population of 8566.

South Kensington is an older suburb and offers its residents a mix of  Victorian homes, historic buildings & new construction. You also have antique row and the old train station with the oldest children’s library, Noyes library, that first opened in 1893. There is  an amazing farmers market  in Kensington and rows of local shops. There is a great sense of community in Kensington and its residents have a lot of pride of ownership. 

The commute from South Kensington to D.C. is a short one.  It’s about 9 miles away and will take 20-30 minutes depending on traffic.Home prices in South Kensington range from $750,000-3 million dollars.There are very few houses in South Kensington with an HOA. Most do not have one.According to, the median household income is $197,500

#2 North Potomac, MD

North Potomac is located in Montgomery County MD with a population of 24,449.

North Potomac is located between Gaithersburg and Potomac. Just 40 minutes outside of D.C, North Potomac is a great choice for people wanting a more suburban feel while still being able to commute to the city. The home values in North Potomac are better as well since its farther out than its neighbors, Potomac and Rockville. 

The area is home to several parks and recreational areas, including the 28-acre Dufief Mill Park, which features athletic fields, playgrounds, and nature trails.You’re also very close to the Kentlands Square shopping center, which has tons of shops, Whole Foods, restaurants, and a movie theater.

As for commute into DC, you do have Shady Grove metro station on the red line which is about 15 minutes away and like I said, it will take you about 40 minutes drive.Home prices in North Potomac range from $650,000-2 million dollars.Some neighborhoods in North Potomac have HOAs and some don’t so just check with your realtor before buying if thats important to you.

According to, the median household income is $174,591.

#1 North Bethesda, MD

North Bethesda is located in Montgomery County MD with a population of 50,695. Where North Potomac is more suburban, North Bethesda is more urban.  North Bethesda is a great gateway if you are moving out of the city but don’t want to be too far. 

As far as things to do, you won’t be disappointed. If you’re into the arts,  you don’t have to go far.  Strathmore mansion showcases different artists through their art galleries and the Strathmore music center has amazing concerts all year around.

And don’t forget about Pike and Rose- a newer shopping area in N Bethesda that has Pinstripes, a super fun bowling alley with cocktails, Bark Social- a park where you can bring your dog and have a drink as well as so many great restaurants, shops and an Ipic movie theater. 

You have access to several metros in North Bethesda including North Bethesda metro, Twinbrook metro and Grosvenor-Strathmore. The commute into D.C. will take around 20-25 minutes and like I said – you can always take the metro.

Home prices in North Bethesda range from $850k-2.5 million for a single family home. You also have condos and townhomes in North Bethesda so a much wider range  of housing to choose from. 

Most of the single family neighborhoods do not have an HOA but the condos and townhomes will have one so just check before buying. 

According to, the median household income is $120,261

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