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Every wonder what the BEST state to live in is? 

Between crime rates and real estate costs going up everywhere in the U.S. lots of families are looking for a place that is safe and affordable to move to. 

With that in mind, I looked at several different lists from different sources on the best state rankings and found this one from moving Waldo the most interesting because they focused on quality of life and kept it simple by basing their rankings on the following criteria: safety, education, affordability and access to recreational facilities and parks. 

To see how they measure each of these categories, as well as the source for the cost of living numbers, check out the link in the description. 

In the end, they compiled this list of the top 10 best states to live in the US that have low crime rates, an affordable housing market and offer an outstanding quality of life. 

Let’s see if you agree! Each one has its own speciality and some fun facts.

Let’s dive right in-

Starting from number 10 and working our way to number one-

Number 10- Washington! Population 7.7 million. Average monthly cost of living: $2200

Washington state is known for its beauty and outdoor activities with its geological diversity, ranging from mountains to deserts, rainforests and a Pacific coastline. Moving Waldo recognizes it for its family-friendly aspects including safe cities and neighborhoods, excellent schools, ample green spaces, great food, and safe and kid-friendly fun. It is also the birthplace of Starbuck coffee, The Boeing Co. and Microsoft Corp. Washington ranks as the 9th state with the most educated people in the country and boasts active music, art, food, sports, and theater scenes.

Fun facts: Washington is the only state named after a president and is responsible for 70% of the country’s apples!

US News and World report ranked Washington as their #1 best state to live in.

Number 9- Alabama! Population 5.04 million. Average monthly cost of living: $1,758

This was interesting because I haven’t seen Alabama on other best states list. In fact, US News and World report has Alabama ranked #46 out of 50 so let’s see why moving Waldo ranked it #9.

They prioritize Alabama’s affordability factor as it is one of the cheapest states to live in the US with a cost of living index of 87.5. The average price for a home in Alabama is $216,108, while renting an apartment costs about $807 per month only! (*moving Waldo)

You also have warm weather and rich culture especially when it comes to football. Alabamians have many recreational activities ranging from hiking to lakeside activities and fishing as well as lovely beaches along the Gulf Coast, forests, and plenty of golf courses. Alabama’s role at the center of the civil rights movement, coupled with its ongoing traditional college football culture, lends it a more colorful – and sometimes painful – history than most.

Fun fact: The U.S. Space & Rocket Center, home to Space Camp and the visitor center for NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, is in Huntsville, Alabama

Number 8- North Dakota Pop: 775,000 Average monthly cost of living: $1608

North Dakota has stunning national parks, a healthy environment, and a strong sense of community. Nearly 90% of the land in North Dakota is devoted to farming.  The state provides more than 90% of the nation’s canola and flaxseed.

Moving Waldo cites North Dakota as an overall low tax state that is affordable and good for retirees as the residents here are welcoming and friendly. You can find rent for as low as $818 per month and the median home price is $285,107. (*moving Waldo)

US News and World report ranked North Dakota #14

Fun fact: Native Americans inhabited this land before white settlers – the word Dakota is Sioux for “friend.”

Number 7- New Jersey. Pop: 9.3 million Average monthly cost of living: $2031

New Jersey has a great education system, world-class healthcare system, great theaters, sports culture, and breathtaking beaches, making it one of the best states to live in the country. More than 5,000 information and technology companies are based in New Jersey, including Verizon. The state is also a leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnical industries. Moving Waldo cites New Jersey as a very safe state with an average of 195.40 violent crimes committed per 100,000 residents, which is 51.60% lower than the average rate in the US. 

US News and World report ranked New Jersey #19

Fun fact: New Jersey is the home of native musical legends such as Bruce Springsteen, Jon Bon Jovi, Frank Sinatra and Whitney Houston. 

Number 6- Massachusetts Pop: 7 mill Average monthly cost of living: $2,233

Massachusetts is knows for its outstanding quality of life, high safety and education level. It’s indeed the most educated state in the US and is home to a distinguished network of intellectuals with more than 50 colleges and universities, including world-renowned Harvard University and MIT. 

You also have picturesque beaches at Cape Cod, Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The crime rate is low compared to other states (33% lower than the national average), and the state offers great public and hospital per capita services, which means excellent quality of life for your family.

US News and World report ranked Massachusetts #9

Fun fact: Massachusetts was the first state to legalize gay marriage

Number 5- Virginia Pop: 8.6 million Average monthly cost of living: $2030

Virginia is dripping in southern hospitality, superior education, diverse culture, and a booming economy. Moving Waldo cites Virginia as one of the best states to retire in the US, given the amazing tax benefits Virginia offers, especially for retirees. First, the state has one of the lowest overall tax rates in the country. Secondly, many retirees flock to Virginia because of its affordability, low crime rate, and suitable housing. You also have access to many amazing beaches all within a short drive no matter where you live in the state.

US News and World report ranks Virginia #7

Fun fact: Virginia boasts over 300 wineries in the countryside, as it is home to numerous award-winning wines.

Number 4- Connecticut Pop: 3.6 million Average monthly cost of living: $2,098

Connecticut residents enjoy high living standards with incredibly well-developed and maintained cities, recreational parks, and transportation systems throughout the state. Connecticut is one of the safest states in America as it is 53% safer than the national average. The colonial-style small towns in Connecticut make clusters of serene, quiet places to live with minimal traffic and a soothing atmosphere. The emergence of digital media have had a huge impact on Connecticut’s economy, with more than 1,200 digital media-related businesses located in the state, including sports media giant ESPN. 

US News and World report ranked Connecticut #20

Fun Fact: Connecticut was one of the first to introduce railroads, and today Amtrak connects Boston and Washington, D.C., with part of the original main line of the New Haven, the most prominent railway service of the 1800s.

Number 3- Vermont Pop: 645,000 Average monthly cost of living: $1,965

Stunning mountain views, less pollution, mesmerizing lakes, and an array of outdoor activities including skiing, sailing, and hiking are just a few reasons Vermont is one of the most attractive and best states to live in the US. Vermont is also an affordable state compared to the first top three states as the median home price is around $295,000. Vermont is 70.17% safer than most of America with a violent crime rate of 118 per 100,000 residents according to the FBI. Furthermore, it has a 27% lower property crime rate than the national average.  (*Moving Waldo)

US News and World report rank Vermont #11

Fun fact: Vermont leads the nation in maple syrup production, with nearly 2 million gallons a year accounting for nearly half of the total U.S. syrup crop. And Ben & Jerry’s ice cream was started here.

Number 2- Utah Pop: 3.3 million Average monthly cost of living: $3,114

Utah offers great outdoor activities, like skiing with the mountains near Salt Lake City collecting an average of 500 inches of snow per year during the winter months. One of the striking facts about retiring in this state is that the state has no personal income tax, so your retirement savings will go further. The state also ranks 11th in the education system in the country with a low crime rate compared to most states. Housing rent and home prices in Utah are about $1,651 and $493,221, respectively. 

US News and World report ranked Utah #3

Fun fact: Utah has the largest saltwater lake in the Western Hemisphere. It is also home to the Sundance Film festival, one of the world’s premiere independent film festivals, staged each January in Park City.

Number 1- New Hampshire Pop: 1.4 mill Average monthly cost of living: $4,313

New Hampshire is perfect for any lifestyle, from vibrant cities to coastal views and is great for outdoors-loving families with skiing, rock climbing, camping, snowboarding, and other winter-related sports. New Hampshire is regarded as one of the most tax-friendly states, as the residents are not subject to income taxes, sales taxes, or social security taxes. The median home price in New Hampshire is $381,000. New Hampshire is considered one of the safest states in the US. The rate of violent crime in New Hampshire is 152.5 cases per 100,000 residents. According to this data, New Hampshire is 50% safer than the national average.

US News and World report ranks New Hampshire #4

Fun Fact: Although New Hampshire plays a large role in the president election with its first in the nation primary, Since 2000, most of the New Hampshire primary winners have failed to win the White House.

So there you have it- Moving Waldos top 10 best states to live in for 2023! If you want further information on the rankings and sources, check out the link below. 

If you’re planning on moving to any of these states or if you already live in one- comment below and lets us know how it is and why you are moving there!

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