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If you had a million dollars to spend on a house in Montgomery County Maryland where would you live? Potomac? Bethesda? North Potomac or North Bethesda? So many choices? 

In todays video, we’ll show you what you would get for 1 million dollars in these places and then you decide which is the best place for you. 

So lets dive right in

So lets start with Bethesda.  Its located right outside of Washington DC so the location is ideal and very sought after. You also have the NIH, Marriott headquarters and Walter Reed located in Bethesda so there are a lot of job opportunities. The public schools are very highly rated – Walt Whitman is raked #2 in the state of Maryland according to niche.com, Walter Johnson is #6 and BCC is #9 so all good there.

So, lets look at the kind of house you can buy for 1 million dollars in Bethesda. I found a few. Ok, well, I had to add 50k to find some but hey, its Bethesda.

The  first one in Bethesda (wicket Ter) sold for on  1,050,000  It was built in 1958.  the sq footage is 1619 above ground, another 1619 below ground so a total of 3238 sq ft. The lot is 7100 sq ft so not terribly small. 4 Bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. One car garage, small backyard, nice wood floors, ok kitchen (I’m not a fan of the tile floor, bathrooms are interesting (not my style but not terrible). All in all – what do you think?

Heres another one in Bethesda for $1,045,000 (Newport). Great location. Only 2 blocks from the DC border. Built in 1936. Needs a bit of love. 1800 sq ft above ground. Another 500 sq ft of finished space in the basement. 5 bedrooms. 3 bathrooms. No parking. Smaller lot – 6220 sq ft. Cute exterior, cute backyard, dated kitchen and bathrooms. 

These are both good houses and both sold within a week of being on the market. 

Lets move onto North Bethesda. North Bethesda is still urban and you have the Wildwood shopping center in the middle of it with the gourmet grocery store Balduccis as well as many other stores and restaurants. The Grosvenor metro is in North Bethesda as is pike and rose which is a newer area with a bowling alley (pinstripes) bark social where you can bring your dog ad lots of parks. The main high school in North Bethesda is Walter Johnson which as we said is rated #6 by niche.com for 2022 for the whole state of Maryland.

These 2 sold between $1,005,000 and $1,040,000

The first one which sold for $1,005,000 was built in 1962. (Sulky) 2168 sq ft above grade with another 800 sq ft finished in the basement. Has a carport. Nicely renovated. Open floor plan and beautiful floors Kitchen is spacious and ok (like I said, I’m not a fan of tile floors) bathrooms are small but renovated. Big backyard which is the biggest difference so far. 1/3 of an acre.

The second one is active now  for $1,049,000. (Cushman) built in 1966. Great location. 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 1456 sq ft above grade and an additional 1050 finished sq ft in the basement , carport, somewhat dated galley kitchen , and updated counter tops in bathrooms but dated shower and floor. Wood floors and a nice size lot – 3/4 of an acre.

So a little farther out you can see you get a bigger lot and a bigger house for the same money.

So how about Potomac and North Potomac?

Heading to Potomac which is very sought after. Highly rated public high schools Winston Churchill #3 and Thomas Wootton #7 according to niche.com in 2022. Potomac has the potomac village with 2 grocery stores, 2 gourmet markets, a bakery, hardware store, banks, gas stations and restaurants.  Super cute and feels very small town but fancy. They even have a weekend meeting where people with fancy cars meet each other for coffee. You can see some pretty wild cars there!

This first house sold for exactly 1 million dollars! (Gatewater).  It has 4 bedrooms, 3 1/2 bathrooms, 2200 sq ft above and another 1000 sq ft of finished space in the basement. Built in 1986. One car garage. Nice wood floors and open floor plan.  Somewhat renovated kitchen, nice bathrooms, big walk in closet and nice size backyard considering  The lot is small (5315 sq ft) but it backs to a common wooded area so feels bigger. 

The second one also sold for 1 million dollars. (Coldstream) It has 5 bedrooms and 2 1/2 bathrooms. 2352 sq ft above ground and another 1134 finished  sq ft in the basement. Built in 1967. One car garage. This one feels more traditional  Wood floors, wall paper in several rooms, cute galley kitchen, somewhat renovated bathrooms, stone patio and terraced backyard. Nice curb appeal. 1/4 of an acre. This house is very near Tuckerman which is a double yellow busy street. So just fyi. 

Both of these houses go to Churchill highschool as of today sept 2022.

But not bad houses for Potomac.

Now for N Potomac. North Potomac was ranked #1 of  the Best Place to live in the state of Maryland by niche.com for 2022. It  is really pretty and still not too far from DC. You have many different choices of shopping centers and grocery, Travillah sq with the newer trader joes, and both the Kentlands and Crown are nearby with a plethora of choices for shopping and dining. 

First house sold for $1,050,000. (Rolling green). It has 5 bedrooms, 3 and a 1/2 bathrooms, 2552 sq above ground and an additional finished 1176 sq ft basement so close to 4000 sq ft of living space. Built in 1984. 2 car garage. Renovated open gourmet kitchen, somewhat renovated bathrooms, nice deck and big backyard. The lot is almost 1/2 acre. This house goes to Wootton High School  which was rated #7 according to niche.com for 2022. 

And the last house in North Potomac was sold for $1,015,000. It has 5 bed, 3 1/2 bath, 2420 sq ft up and another 1050 fin basement. Built in 1989. 2 car garage. Renovated throughout the house w a newly done kitchen and bathrooms. Beautiful flagstone patio and nice backyard. 1/3 of an acre. House also goes to Wootton High School 2022. 

Which house would you choose? Do you see a difference of what you get for a million dollars. Mostly age of the house and size of the house and lot. But if you want to be  close to the city then you have to sacrifice those things for the same price. 

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