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What’s up everyone 
Besides good neighborhoods and schools, the most asked question I get when someone is moving into the area is – is It safe? How dangerous is x area? What are the crime rates? Well, today we are going to answer these questions. 
Now, as realtors, we need to be really careful as our opinions can be seen as fair housing violations as they are always subjective. What I consider safe may be very different than what you consider safe. And if I said this place is dangerous it may be seen as steering people away from an area based on a subjective opinion which is a violation.  
So, how can we help people? The best way is to provide different websites and sources so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your family. But here’s the thing- not all websites are created equal. 
So today I’m going to bring in an expert to show us how to navigate the best websites for crime data in DC, Montgomery County Md and northern VA. And stay tuned until the end because he’s going to show you how to find the best website for your area or any area outside of the DMV because I do think it’s important to compare the data you are getting from a new area to your own home town so you can see what you have been living with and how comfortable that is for you to compare to the data of a new area. 
So let’s dive right in
Before I bring him in, let me give you a little background – Lieutenant Merrick has been w MPD, which is the DC police department for 32 years. He has served in many different precincts as a detective , sergeant and now lieutenant so he has a lot of experience in crime data. So I’m going to bring him in and we’ll start with DC, then Moco and then Fairfax co in NOVA. And then , like I said, he’ll show you how to find the website in your area with the best information. 
** Marco- After this I have LT Merrick recorded with screen recordings of what he is doing. Please remove my bookmarks from the last screen recording. (10 screen)
Thank you! 

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