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Top 10 Best Suburbs of Washington DC 2022!

Washington DC is an amazing city! But not everyone wants to live in the city. So what are the best suburbs of DC? Niche.com just came out with their top 10 list of best suburbs of Washington DC for 2022 

Niche.com rankings provide a comprehensive assessment of the overall livability of an area. They take into account several key factors of a location, including the quality of local schools, crime rates, housing trends, employment statistics, and access to amenities in an attempt to measure the overall quality of an area. Their data comes from dozens of public data sources including the Dept of Education, U.S. Census and FBI. They also gather over 100 million reviews and survey from people living in the neighborhoods. The Niche.com team uses advanced algorithms and statistical techniques to compare, score, and connect millions of data points to thoroughly analyze U.S. schools and neighborhoods to refine and simply complex data into their rankings. Here is the list of factors: https://www.niche.com/about/methodology/best-places-to-live/

So let’s take a look and I’ll give you my opinion on their choices. 

10- Travilah, MD

Travilah is a neighborhood in Montgomery County that is known for it luxury homes and large lots. The population of Travilah is 11,301 people.  The feeling in Travilah is more rural as its not super close to any public restaurants and shops.  If you’re looking for lots of greenery and private driveways, Travilah is a great choice. The public schools in Travilah are very highly rated. As of today, the high schools are either Winston Churchill or Wootton High School. 

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


9- Chevy Chase, MD

Chevy Chase is located in Montgomery County, MD with a population of 9800. It borders D.C. so it’s a really easy commute into the city. It is one of the more expensive suburbs of D.C. where you will find a mix of older stately homes with an influx of new construction. Living in Chevy Chase offers residents an urban suburban mix and depending on where you are in Chevy chase, you may be able to walk to restaurants and the metro. If you choose a more suburban part of Chevy Chase, expect rolling hills and plenty of foliage. 

Median Home Value


Median Household Income 


8- Bethesda, MD

Bethesda is located in Montgomery County and also borders Washington D.C. Bethesda has its own downtown which has streets lined with shops and restaurants as well as its own movie theater. The houses in Bethesda are definitely a mix of the old and the new and the lots tend to be on the smaller side since it is one of the older neighborhoods. The population of Bethesda is 65,000. The public and private schools in Bethesda are very highly ranked with Walt Whitman high school landing in the top public high schools in Maryland time and time again. The famous NIH is located in Bethesda as well as Walter Reed Medical Center. I’ve done several videos on Bethesda, so please check them out!

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


7- Arlington, VA

Arlington is in Arlington County with a population of 236,464. It is located just across the Potomac River from Washington D.C. Arlington’s vibrant, walkable neighborhoods in the heart of the nation’s capital are home to 1,100 acres of parks and open space connected by more than 75 miles of multi-use trails. Arlington’s arts scene has been called “a hotbed of cultural abandon” by The Washington Post, and described as “…one of the hippest local jurisdictions at attracting adventurous arts and artists.” On different days of the week throughout Arlington’s various neighborhoods, you’ll find local farmers markets that will ensure farm-fresh ingredients ripe for sampling. Farmer’s Markets in Arlington are more than just places to buy produce. You can also find live music, food trucks, artisan pastries, ethnic foods, gourmet cheeses, juices and more. Arlington is definitely a more urban feel with many bars, restaurants, coffee shops and parks. 

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


6- Potomac, MD

Potomac was once known as horse country but today it is a bustling suburb of D.C. With a population of 46,000 people, Potomac offers residents a dense suburban feel and most residents own their homes. Potomac Village boasts loads of restaurants, grocery stores, bakeries and more. Great Falls National park and the Billy Goat Trail are both located in Potomac and should not be missed. The public high school, Winston Churchill, in Potomac is  rated #3. Thomas Wootton, #7. In Potomac, you can still find 2 acre lots so its a great place to live if you want more land.

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


5- Stone Ridge, VA

Stone Ridge is in Loudoun County with a population of 15,000. The community is approximately 14 miles southwest of Dulles International Airport, 13 miles to Route 66 in Haymarket, Virginia, and 37 miles to Washington, D.C. Stone Ridge consists of condos, townhomes, and single-family homes. As the community continues to grow to 3,462 homes, Stone Ridge strives to maintain a small-town feel with the big city just down the road! Stone Ridge has won many national and regional landscaping awards for well-manicured streets and common areas. Residents enjoy a plethora of amenities, including a newly renovated clubhouse offering a fitness center and rental space, an amphitheater with an event lawn, three pools, five tot lots, two tennis courts, a basketball court, a multi-purpose court, and walking trails. Residents love Stone Ridge for its excellent public schools with teachers who care a lot about the students and how they develop. Stone ridge also has a great diversity of the residents that live here. One con about Stone Ridge is that there isn’t much to do at night, however in nearby communities there are plenty of nightlife activities. 

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


4-North Bethesda, MD

North Bethesda is a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a population of 49,872, located in Montgomery County. North Bethesda is located between Rockville and Bethesda (it’s literally Rockville) and has a more urban feel to it. Close to 355 and Old Georgetown roads, North Bethesda has access to restaurants, shops, bowling alleys, gyms and more. North Bethesda is a great gateway for people moving out of DC but still wanting an urban feel. The Public high school in North Bethesda, Walter Johnson (#6) , is very highly rated as is Georgetown Prep, a private school for boys located in North Bethesda.

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


3- South Kensington, MD

South Kensington is a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a population of 8494 is located in Montgomery County. South Kensington is an older suburb and offers its residents a mix of  Victorian homes and historic buildings as well as the old train station with the influx of new construction, There is  an amazing farmers market  in Kensington and rows of local shops. There is a great sense of community in Kensington and its residents have a lot of pride of ownership. With it being an older part of Montgomery County, Kensington still has neighborhoods with more affordable housing  as well as luxury living at its finest. 

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


2- Cascades, VA

Cascades is in Loudoun County with a population of 12,132. Cascades is a planned community of 2,500 acres with approximately 6,500 homes. The community features main street style shopping centers with several dining options and is also located near Algonkian Regional Park. The homeowners association maintains five community centers, five swimming pools, 15 tennis courts, and other amenities including extensive paved walking trails. People love living in Cascades for the highly rated schools, and true community living.

Median Home Value


Median Household Income


1- North Potomac, MD

North Potomac is a suburb of Washington, D.C. with a population of 24,146 located in Montgomery County. North Potomac is located between Gaithersburg and Potomac. It is literally part of Gaithersburg. While North Bethesda is more urban, North Potomac is more suburban. Just 40 minutes outside of D.C, North Potomac is a great choice for people wanting a more suburban feel while still being able to commute to the city. The home values in North Potomac are better as well since its farther out than its neighbors, Potomac and Rockville. North Potomac is a great place to get more for your buck as far as home values while still having an easy commute to D.C. The public schools, Thomas Wootton and Quince Orhard are very highly rated the neighborhoods are super cute!

Median Home Value


Median Household Income



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